See, Click, Fix: The final word on stop signs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A firestorm for See, Click, Fix! We aired a story three weeks ago about an intersection where drivers were running stop signs and the response was such that we ran a second story.

That has led to even more messages about stop sign runners!

It's an issue that's really struck a nerve with some viewers, so we felt one more story was appropriate.

It's happening all over Charlotte based on the emails and messages I'm getting.

People ignoring stop signs.

Here's the latest, we went out to the corner of East Barden Road and Red Cedar, which is a three way stop as well as a cut thru route between Providence Road and Carmel Road.

Sure enough, we saw a lot of drivers ignoring the stop signs.

A viewer writes: "I have frequently had the experience of pulling out of Red Cedar to suddenly have someone on my bumper who ran one of the East Barden stop signs. I have taken great delight in...driving right at the 25 mph speed limit and making a full stop, complete with the requisite every stop sign between Red Cedar and either Providence or Carmel."

Another exasperated viewer writes: "Sometimes I wonder how some people...young, old, middle age, got their license! Just remember what STOP means. DEAD STOP."

I asked the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police department to give me the last word on this issue.

Spokesperson Bob Fey says: "One thing to remind people of is this, the amount of time that they save by rolling through a stop sign won't mean anything to them when they get pulled over and sit on the side of the road for 15 minutes when they get pulled over. Also, is a few seconds worth the risk of running into a bicyclist or child who is not paying attention?

"Don't let a few seconds ruin your day or possibly your life if God forbid you strike a pedestrian when running a stop sign and seriously injure that person."

The bottom line here...a lot of folks are very concerned about the number of drivers who choose to ignore stop signs.

This is a problem that can be fixed, but it will take every driver out there to be a part of the solution.

Right now, there are apparently too many out there who are a part of the problem.

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