Have you been asked for clothing donations over the phone?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The organization is called NSpire Outreach and it is a faith-based organization near Atlanta, Georgia.

Their goal is to give homeless men and women support and education and help them eventually into homes and jobs. They do hire their clients as telemarketers for a charitable clothing pick-up company.

Nspire's Executive Director, Gregg Kennard, tells WBTV that 1/3 of the clothes donated are used by the program participants in the Atlanta area. 2/3 are sold in bulk to a thrift store and the money from that is used to support Nspire's mission.

This organization is cold-calling people in the Charlotte area.  They are asking for donations of clothing.

However, if you do plan to donate, you need to know that most of the organization's efforts are still focused in Atlanta. Any donations you make now likely will not directly help many people in the Charlotte area.

Next month they expect to expand and begin helping the homeless here.

If you get a call from an organization wanting to come to your house to pick up donations first ask for a call back number.  If they are legitimate they should be able to give you one.

Then take some time to do a little research.  Call the Better Business Bureau or do some online checks to see if anyone has lodged complaints against the group.

Be sure to ask who will get the donation and how it will be used.

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