Two men break into a pizza store during its grand opening

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A grand opening for a pizza store became take out for two men who weren't interested in pepperoni.

These crooks spotted valuable items through a glass door at the rear of the new Junior's Pizza on Yorkmont Road. Surveillance video shows them using a tire iron to break the glass in the door, unlock it, then begin removing four 46" LCD flat screen television sets which were still in boxes.

"They were large in size even without the box," said CMPD Detective Marty Cuthbertson, "but they were inside the box, so that made it even larger."

One of the men had a hood and dreadlocks, the other had no disguise.

Despite getting away with the tv's before police responded to the alarm-- these guys may have made a critical mistake.

"Unless they weren't thinking, or didn't see the camera," said Det. Cuthbertson, "the camera captured their full body, face, clothing, everything."

If you notice someone selling four 46" Philips LCD screens at a parking lot or flea market, call Crimestoppers at (704) 334-1600 and you could earn a reward up to $1,000.

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