See, Click, Fix: More Stop Sign Issues

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A See, Click, Fix viewer asks: What part of "stop" don't you understand?

If that sounds familiar, it is.

We did a story last week about drivers not stopping at a four-way intersection and that has led to a lot of calls from other viewers.

Apparently, this kind of thing happens a lot...all over the city.

We went to the intersection of Bland Street and Winnifred Street last week.  It's a four way stop, but those signs appeared to be only a suggestion to some drivers.

Fast forward to this week and we're seeing much of the same, only at different intersections.

We went to Landsdowne Road and Morven Lane in southeast Charlotte.

It's a three way stop intersection, only a lot of folks are not stopping.

Not far away we saw the same thing at the four-way stop at Landsdowne Road and Lansing Drive.

More people not coming to a complete stop.

Granted, a lot of drivers will slow down quite a bit, but is that what you're really supposed to do?

And one neighbor says, exacerbating the situation, additional traffic in the area, as drivers use Landsdowne and Lansing as cut-throughs to get to a back entrance on Jefferson Drive to Providence Day School.

Now to be fair, we didn't see anyone just wildly running through any of these intersections, but we sure saw a lot of drivers go through them without coming to a complete stop.

Solving this issue is simple: drivers need to obey the law.

You are supposed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  You can be ticketed if you don't.

Of course, police can't be at every intersection 24/7 to guard against people running stop signs.

I'm waiting on word from police and city officials to get their input into this problem and I'll let you know what they have to say.

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