Governor Perdue pressures Congress for storm money

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP/WBTV) - The governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina have told Congress to do its part to help thousands of tropical storm victims.

They say federal lawmakers must put politics aside to free up disaster relief funds for people facing billions of dollars in damage along the Eastern Seaboard.

The state executives say the help is needed because local, regional and national economies are suffering from the damage caused by storms Irene and Lee.

New York's Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie of New Jersey, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania and Bev Perdue of North Carolina joined in the statement released Friday.

Cuomo has pledged to organize an effort among the states to pressure Congress to act.

FEMA says 17,000 people in North Carolina have applied for disaster aid and $10 million has been approved to help rebuild homes.

Governor Perdue said losses to the state topped $400 million. Most of those losses were agricultural.

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