DNC Deadline

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -It was more than a walk through for local contractors earlier this week.

The tour at Time Warner Cable Arena was an invitation for more than a dozen business owners to apply for work with the Democratic National Convention.

What happens inside the Center City venue is on the radar of local civil rights organizations.

Dr. Patrick Graham heads up Charlotte's Urban League, and he is among those with concerns over who gets the call for jobs created that are connected to the upcoming political convention.

" I'm really hoping that this will be the beginning of an opportunity for African Americans especially for those who can hire other minorities.""The DNC needs to take a real close look at this and make something happen," he said.

Here in Charlotte, organizers aren't committing to any hard numbers when it comes to jobs and contracting.

Theo LeCompte is the Chief Operating Officer for the DNC.

"We don't have specific targets, "he said." I think that targets would imply a stopping point, but in all of those cases we're looking to maximize our each of those."

LeCompte is talking about how minority and women businesses are used.

The bid process is more than 20 pages.

It specifically calls to request for wide spread participation, but there is a litany of questions, and everyone may not get through.

Patrick Graham understands the process.

"What we have to do is make sure that our contractors are ready for this," he said.

Bids from contractors have to be submitted by September 30th.

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