See, Click, Fix: No place to sit!

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - "I mean somebody's responsible for it. They just keep passing the buck!," says Airy Anthony.

Anthony has been a crossing guard for 13 years. He's frustrated about a park bench by his post, outside of Thomasboro Academy on Bradford Drive.

It's actually 50 percent of a park bench now. There's no wooden slats to sit on. All that's there are the legs!

Airy says for the last three years he hasn't been able to use this bench to take his breaks. He's tried and failed to get someone to do something about it.

"I've called the department of recreation, I called the school board. Nobody's responsible for the seating. Everybody tells me it's someone else's fault," says Anthony. He adds laughing, "I'll fix it if they give me the equipment to do it with. Bring me some lumber and I'll fix it."

So who erected these benches?

That's the big mystery See, Click, Fix is working to solve.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools says it's technically not on school property so officials don't have record of who put it there.

We called the city and they're shrugging their shoulders too.

The benches couldn't have just appeared out of no where so we're not giving up on this. We have more calls into other city and county departments to get some answers.

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