See, Click, Fix: No stopping at 4-way stop

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Based on what one viewer wrote, you might call is a case of "what part of 'stop' don't you understand?"

There is a four-way stop intersection at Bland Street and Winnifred Street near uptown Charlotte.

It would appear, from what we saw, that for some drivers, the stop signs here are merely a suggestion.

We found many drivers who chose to ignore the stop signs.  Some would come to a "rolling stop" at the intersection while others would just breeze through it without slowing down or stopping at all.

A viewer writes See, Click, Fix:

"There are cars, trucks, etc. that continue to run the stop signs coming and going up Bland Street and the corner of Winnifred Street. There have been some close calls for accidents from this issue."

The viewer goes on to say:

"This needs to be fixed like writing tickets and add a four way stop light there."

So if you happen to be traveling through that intersection of Bland and Winnifred, you better be careful!

The answer to this issue is not clear cut.

As it stands now you basically have to rely on drivers to obey the law and come to a stop at the intersection.

Or post a police officer at the intersection 24/7 and give a ticket to anyone who doesn't come to a complete stop.

Neither of those is likely to happen.

I've contacted the Charlotte DOT and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and asked for their input into solving this problem.

As soon as I get word, I'll let you know.

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