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Why buying local fish is safer and tastes better

In America there's a growing trend to purchase regional products.  Economists say it supports local business and keeps more money in your community.  The cash supply is not just to merchants and farmers but local fisherman too.

So do you know the best fish to buy in your area?  Our America Now fish monger, Patrick 'Paddy' Glennon can tell you what to eat and where to find it. 

"It's better to eat local and fresh - and that's the king of where you are, than it is to buy something from very far away," says Glennon.

Just like buying produce at a farmer's market, local fish shopping can be a culinary treat, and a healthy one too. 

"I'm sure that no matter where you live you've got some great fish," says Glennon.  "Don't be afraid of it - Just take the plunge".

Glennon identifies five regions of the country and its fish-favorites from each:

The Pacific Northwest - The Copper River Sockeye Salmon, one of America's most dee-licious fish.  When it's available.

The Great Lakes Region - Trout, trout and more trout - local-fresh right from the lakes. 

Southern California - The California (line-caught) Yellowtail is Glennons pick of fish in the Southland.

The Gulf Coast - A cornucopia of shrimp.  Paddy names the Jumbo Gulf Shrimp the must-have seafood from this region.

The Eastern Seaboard - The birthplace of our country.  Paddy's pick:  All the cods.  "We were born on cods, baby," quips Glennon. 

Hot tip: Buy what's closest to you and stay within seasonality.  If you love fish remember Paddy's picks!

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