Adam Baker now facing his own legal and immigration hurdles

Adam with Zahra and another girl, whose identity is being kept secret.
Adam with Zahra and another girl, whose identity is being kept secret.
Adam Baker in court Thursday.
Adam Baker in court Thursday.

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Now that Adam Baker, Zahra's father, has been completely exonerated by prosecutors in the death of his 10 year old girl, what's next for him?

He's from Australia and moved here after he married Elisa Baker, who Thursday pleaded guilty in the murder of her stepdaughter Zahra.

Adam Baker is no longer needed for any testimony or information regarding Zahra's death or dismemberment. But, he might not be ready to return to the land down under just yet.

He has a few charges from the State of North Carolina: felony obtaining property by false pretense and identify fraud.

His attorney told WBTV Thursday that he hopes to have Adam's situation resolved in the coming weeks.  That would take care of the state charges.

But, the real question is what the Feds

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want to do with Adam Baker regarding the remaining drug charges against Elisa Baker. Will they need him to stick around to testify against her in any trial?

Right now, Elisa Baker's trial for those drug charges is planned for November. But, it could be pushed back or even expedited if Elisa Baker decides to negotiate a plea deal.

Adam Baker is still being monitored by the federal immigration authorities who think he might be here illegally. His basis for being in the US was his marriage to Elisa Baker, which has been proven to be a sham. Elisa admitted to bigamy charges in her plea deal Thursday.

Whenever he returns to Australia, Adam Baker has made it clear that he just wants to return home with Zahra's remains and give her a proper burial.

He said in his courtroom statement Thursday that he also hoped Elisa Baker would reveal where the rest of Zahra's remains are buried.