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20 suspects in cocaine trafficking conspiracy face judge

Donnay Rikard, Jr. Donnay Rikard, Jr.
Josh Pollock Josh Pollock

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Twenty men were in federal court on Wednesday after being arrested on drug charges during a major cocaine sweep.

19 men are charged with conspiring to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine and 280 grams or more of crack. Another man is charged with shooting at investigators when they stormed the house.

"I went to them just Saturday and said, 'y'all need to cut this out," said Donnay Rikard, who sat inside the courtroom and watched as his two sons, Donnay Rikard, Jr. and Josh Pollock, were read their charges.

Rikard's two sons looked at their father several times during the hearing. "I never knew it was that big, never knew it was something like that," said Rikard. "But when I went in court, I could see looking at the charges they got against them, I'm looking like I might not see my son again while I'm living."

Rikard, Jr. faces drug conspiracy charges that could put him away for life. He was out on bond on a pending state drug charge when the FBI's swat team executed a no-knock search warrant.

Agents say Pollock fired a shot at them, and the bullet hole is still in the door. Rikard says his son had no idea the people knocking the door in were federal agents.

"He heard my granddaughter hollering, so he grabbed the gun and after the next bump, he said my granddaughter was up and he told her to lay down, and he shot in the door," said Rikard.

The FBI put Rikard, Jr.'s home under surveillance in March, and agents say they photographed and recorded drug activity at the home on a daily basis. The feds' wiretaps caught drug trades, according to the FBI, and this house was the heart of their drug business.
The FBI arrested 19 people in all. Prosecutors say the group pushed cocaine and crack through the midlands for the past 11 years.

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