Building a Healthy Heart

When you build a house, the strength of the house depends on what you put into it – a solid foundation, good strong supporting walls and roofing. When it comes to your heart health, you need those same elements.

Healthy eating, regular exercise, reducing stress, watching your weight and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol under control are some of the ways you can build a healthy heart.

A good building inspection can tell you if your house is healthy. For your heart, you need to have a heart inspection. Talk to your doctor about checking your blood pressure and cholesterol. You need to tell your doctor about any family history of heart conditions.

The Heart Center at Frye Regional Medical Center wants to help you build a healthy heart. We have several easy online tools to help you learn more about heart disease and your risk factors. We also can help you find a physician for you or your family.

Just go to one of our hospital websites and check out these resources under "Health Resources" and then "Interactive Tools:"

Calculators for:

  • Body Mass Index
  • Calorie Burn Rate
  • Cost of Smoking
  • Target Heart Rate

Health Risk Assessments including:

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Stress Triggers

You also can test your healthy heart knowledge with a number of quizzes on topics like blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease prevention and more.