See, Click, Fix: Parents say intersection "dangerous"

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The different complaints we received tell the same story.

John writes on our See, Click, Fix page at, "A cross walk is despratly (sic) needed to ensure the safety of the children. Cars get backed up dropping off kids and do not allow the children to cross safely."

Kit says, "Each morning, the carpool lane extends along Ardrey Kell Road making it unsafe for students walking to school to cross."

At the site of Ardrey Kell and Travis Gultch Drive kids walking from the Southhampton subdivision are crossing this intersection to walk to Ardrey Kell High School.

If you've ever driven down Ardrey Kell you know it's a very busy road.

Susan's writes, "There have been numerous close calls of kids getting hit. During the late fall, winter and spring months, these children are crossing this street in the dark...and cars do not see them!!!"

We took these concerns to officials at Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools on your behalf. What they could do about it...well...wasn't much. The district doesn't offer bus transpiration to students in the Southhampton subdivision.

We then contacted the Charlotte Department of Transportation and found out it already had a plan in the works to fix the problem! Plans are underway with a signalized (HAWK) crossing for, yards away from that intersection. CDOT will also install a short section of sidewalk to facilitate walkers. The project is funded and in design.

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