See, Click, Fix: Neighborhood Yard An Eyesore?


What would you do if you didn't think your neighbor's lawn was up to the standards of the rest of the neighborhood?

I visited a neighborhood in south Mecklenburg County...and I think most people would agree, the homes in the neighborhood look very nice...well manicured lawns...nice flowers...very well kept.

But there are questions being raised about one house in particular.

One viewer wrote See, Click, Fix: "This family doesn't cut their grass, trim hedges and just overall doesn't take care of their property. Is there anything I can do?"

I talked to the owner and he did agree the appearance of the house was not up to the look of other homes.

In fact, after I talked with him and before we shot video, he cleaned up around the outside of the house quite a bit.  He even removed a portable basketball goal that was on the edge of the lawn.

Now keep in mind, what you may think is an unsightly house may not be unsightly to others.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There is no Home Owners Association in the neighborhood, so there are no specific rules from that perspective that homeowners must adhere to and the house doesn't appear to be in violation of any code standards.

Also, City of Charlotte ordinances do not require lawns to be manicured, bushes trimmed, hedges clipped, trees cut, etc.  However, grass over 12 inches high is a violation.

So what can you do if you think a neighbor's home is hurting the aesthetic value of the neighborhood? That can be a tough thing to approach a neighbor about something like that.

However, the city of Charlotte has a special program that encourages neighbors to talk with one another.  It's the Community and Commerce Division and it's not enforcement oriented.

C&C helps neighborhood organizations do projects together to improve their neighborhood.  The folks with C&C believe the best way to get along is to know one another so that everyone has a sense of responsibility to their fellow neighbors.

The C&C provides good neighbor training to neighborhood organizations...which can sometimes help on issues like this one.