Stretching Your Dollar: Affordable fall fitness

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  Today marks 60 days that many across the Carolinas have gone without soda!  Two months with no soft drinks! No Fizz started the challenge at the beginning of July on twitter and the movement took off! 

Now No Fizz has a new challenge to neighbors, step it up in September and "Walk the Walk".

Bobby DeMuro is a personal trainer on the move, literally!  His company, Fusion South is a mobile personal training that comes to you.  But he says you don't have to have the money it takes for a personal trainer to get into shape.  "Our mission at No Fizz is essentially to encourage health and physical activity kids and people across the country," DeMuro says. 

I met DeMuro at Freedom Park, one of 200 hundred facilities in Mecklenburg County that offers miles of shady trails and lots of good spots to get fit.  "If you start with the simple step of taking a walk, it's a great beginning."  DeMuro recommends adding strength training to your workout.  "Take a couple of laps around the pond here, and then use your weights."  He points out that women often underestimate how much they can curl, if you're used to 8 pounds, he says go up two pounds.

Just in time for cooler temps and new fitness goals, Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department issued its latest "Get Going Guide".  It's an online guide to all the different facilities and classed offered to residents and non-residents of Mecklenburg County.  Some of the facility fees are as low as two dollars per visit. "We try to keep them affordable for everyone to use in the country," says Leo Caplanidise, Public Information Specialist for the county.  For non-residents the fees are slightly higher.

From aerobics to Zumba, from baseball to volleyball, the "Get Going Guide" is a great way to find affordable fitness that works with your wallet and your schedule.

For DeMuro it is a perfect example of why we can't make an excuse not to get moving.  Click here to learn more about No Fizz USA and the "Walk the Walk" challenge.

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