New Facebook privacy settings

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  It seems like everyone is vying for your online posts.

Facebook wants you to post your life on their site.  Google+ recently launched it's service trying to do the same thing.  It looks like the social networking wars might have a winner!  You and your privacy options.

WBTV's Cyber Expert, Theresa Payton, tells us what's coming next on Facebook.

Although Facebook has a Safety Board and they do listen to customer feedback, Facebook also seems to be taking notice of the fact that Google+ now has 25 million users and they offer more granular privacy settings than Facebook.

Several changes are being made to Facebook in the coming days, we have highlighted 3 of them for you:

  1. Privacy Easier:  Choosing who you share with is right next to your posts and information.  In the past, you had to go to a dedicated privacy settings page.
  2. Photos and tags:  You can approve where or not you are tagged in photos or posts.  You can even report someone if they seems to be harassing you via tagging.
  3. Age Matters:  If your child's profile has the accurate birth year and it shows they are under 18, they will not be allowed to set a post to "Public"

For a detailed run down of all the changes that are coming, Facebook describes all of their new features in detail online at: .

If you are unfamiliar with how location tags work, Facebook describes location tags in detail at:

WORD OF THE WEEK:  SOLOMO – A mashup of social, local, and mobile.  A marketing term used when an app on  your smart phone uses location based services.  For example, if you use Foursquare to check in and the merchant gives you a coupon for the shout out, that's an example of SOLOMO.

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