Good News: Airman home from Afghanistan

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Melissa Christiansen remembered the days when she counted the months until her husband came home. Tuesday, she was counting down the minutes.

Melissa, and her four-year-old son Jacob waited anxiously along with a host of other family and friends at the gate. They waited until 12:01. Tech. Sgt. Brian Christiansen stepped off the plane dressed in camouflage. Jacob was wearing matching pants.

"Daddy!" could be heard from all over the airport as Jacob ran towards his dad and was scooped up and given 6 months worth of missing hugs.

"It's amazing. We're just so glad he's home and he's safe," said Melissa.

Brian spent 6 months in Afghanistan as an Air Force Photojournalist. He's spent the last several years calling me or e-mailing me every time a group of military men and women come home. He's always there snapping beautiful pictures.

He's taking a break though. To play cars, jets, and maybe even trucks with his son. Brian also says there could be a trip to Disney World in the very near future.