Facebook privacy issues concern people

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There's a perception out there that nothing can separate Facebook fans from their Facebook pages. Millions of young people now use the network practically as their primary source of communication, it's hard for them to imagine life without it.

But if Facebook goes too far, if it makes them feel unsafe, Shanna Stewart says they will ditch it.

"Yeah, definitely," Stewart says. "I've been thinking twice about it for a while. Just because it's getting a little out of hand."

And Stewart thought that before she discovered Facebook was posting all of the phone numbers saved in her smartphone.

"Oh my gosh. No, I did not know that," she says.

It happens when you link your phone to your Facebook page and agree to sync your numbers - to see if your address book is listed go to account settings and then contacts.

"That's pretty scary," Stewart says. "I thought it was a little safer than that."

Pamela McCarter was equally disturbed when she found out Facebook is laying claim to her pictures, even the ones she takes down.

"I have a lot of family things, and personal pictures on there, so I don't think that's theirs," McCarter says.

Summer Wright thought he was taking steps to protect his family and friends' phone numbers.

"Actually, I removed Facebook from my smartphone just because of that reason," he says.

But what he didn't realize is if those numbers were uploaded even for a brief time...by definition of its expanded terms of service...Facebook thinks it can use them.

"That's not right," Wright says. "So maybe something should be done about that."

Stewart says, "they just need to I guess watch what they're doing, because they're going to lose fans and they're going to lose users."

Actually, if it's up to the hackers behind a disturbing You Tube video, Facebook will lose everything.

"Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed," a distorted voice says. "Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook regardless of your privacy settings, and deleting your account is impossible."

And so it claims it will dismantle it.

"One day you will look back on this and realize what we have done here is right," the voice says. "Think for a while and prepare for a day that will go down in history."

Anonymous even has a date for the day Facebook will supposedly go down - November 5th.