Pass 3 On: The neighborly thing to do

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This week we headed to Fort Mill, S.C. to Pass 3 On. I stood outside a busy shopping center with my sign and waited to find the perfect story.

I found it when I met Donna Bielenica, whose curiosity got the best of her. She jumped right in -- telling me about her neighbor, also named Donna.

"Her car has been in the shop for probably last two weeks" Bielenica said. "They can't find out what's the matter with it. The bill's already up to over a thousand and she doesn't work. Her husband has two jobs. She could use it."

In fact, Bielenica had been taking her neighbor to get groceries and new things were tight at home.

When I asked her why she wanted to help Donna out everyone she could think of, Bielenica told me, "because everyone else can sort of make due."

Bielenica told me she had the time to Pass 3 On and said she was, "very excited and glad I stopped."

But -- once we got to her neighbor's home, it would take all of my powers of persuasion to get her to come outside and talk to me.

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