See, Click, Fix: Complaints of overgrowth at local school and sidewalk

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - One of the problems you told us about is at Hough High School in Huntersville.

We went to the school after a viewer wrote in complaining of the overgrown grass and shrubs on campus. When we investigated ourselves and the description matched what was described to us online.

We plan on calling CMS to see if this is issue can be fixed. Especially with school starting in exactly one week.

Also we're investigating why overgrowth on N. Sharon Amity getting out of control.

We were told about the unsightly area by a viewer who says it blocks the sidewalk and the view.

Typically Charlotte code enforcement places the responsibility on the property owner to get this cut back. They even issue citations if it doesn't happen in a timely manner.

When we hear back code enforcement on who's responsible we'll let you know.