CMS students need to get their shots before school starts

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's about a week before students return to Charlotte - Mecklenburg school district (CMS) and parents need to have their children up to date on their vaccinations.

For sixth graders it is required they receive the Tdap shot.  That will help protect kids from tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (better known as whooping cough).

Kindergarten students must present proof of immunizations and an physical exam on the first day of class.

Mecklenburg county's medical examiner knows parents are concerned about their children getting a shot, but that should not be an excuse.

"They ought to also be concerned," Medical Director Stephen Keener said.  "About the seriousness of the diseases these immunizations prevent."

Students can get their shots right now by stopping by the health department or going to their personal doctor.

Shot clinics will be set up throughout the county starting August 27th.

CMS says it will give parents about a month after school starts to get their kids vaccinated.  If not the kids will not be allowed to come to school.

For information about shots or to make an appointment call 704-336-3500.

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