DNC home rentals asking top dollar, may not pan out

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Thousands of people coming to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention all need a place to stay.

A home away from home.

Several property owners are now advertising on Craigslist. For example, a two bedroom in First Ward is being offered for $17,500. There's also a studio condo in uptown with an asking price of $15,000.

"You have your full kitchen, washer dryer of course," said Haley Wooten, one of the many advertising her home. It's a two-bedroom condo in Fourth Ward.

Her asking price: $7,000.

It sounds like a steal compared to the others. "I looked around at what was available in Center City and what people are asking," said Wooten talking about how she arrived at the price.

Letting strangers move in could have a cost. The Better Business Bureau says homeowners should think about issues like security deposits, lease agreements, liability and maid service. The BBB recommend going with an experienced rental service.

Those potential pitfalls may not be an issue. One reason the DNC Committee chose Charlotte is because there are enough hotel rooms to go around.

Still, Wooten says their two bedroom should be an easy sell. It's walkable, with a parking space and pool.

The only issue she has: cleaning out the closet for company and removing personal belongings.

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