See, Click, Fix: Homeowner gets help fixing utility line

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A utility line in homeowner Kate Hunter's backyard has worn out its welcome ever a storm came through on June 18.

"With the weight of the transformer the wind blew the pole down," says Hunter.

You can see a portion of the pole found its final resting place in her bushes along the 7100 block of Chapparall Lane, and the utility line itself has been "hanging around" ever since.

It's strewn for several yards across her bushes and along the ground. She says once Duke Energy replaced the pole and AT&T raised their lines, she called Time Warner Cable multiple times and waited for weeks for someone to take care of it.

"I had a man come out last week and he said I see what your problem is but someone's going to have to climb the pole to put that up and I don't have the equipment," Kate recalls.

Kate thought no one could help her except for See, Click, Fix.

"Because I depend on them because they do such a good job," says Kate smiling.

We got in touch with our contact at Time Warner Cable and detailed the issues Kate was having. Time Warner Cable let us know the same day they would look into.

Twenty-four hours later they had a crew in Kate's backyard. A time warner cable worker was hoisted on the power pole getting those lines out her yard and up in the air where they belong.

So what was a problem for Kate, is now solved.

Why did it take so long for Kate's issue to be taken care of? Time Warner tells us whenever Duke Energy replaces a pole, Time Warner Cable is supposed to get an automatic notification letting the cable company know their line will have to be reattached to the new pole.

Time Warner Cable says they never got that alert from the electric company.

A Time Warner Cable official also says they will look into why Kate's calls to the cable company went unanswered.

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