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It’s a good time to sell your old gold

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ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) – As financial trouble continues on Wall Street, more and more people are looking to invest or sell gold.

Bernadette Faulkner is selling her gold to make a little extra cash.

"I've got some that I wear, but I quit wearing jewelry period," said Faulkner

She brought in three zip lock baggies full of jewelry to Allison Love's Fine Jewelry in Rock Hill Tuesday.

"It's a bunch of junk isn't it?" said Faulkner "But I'm sure it's worth something probably worth more now than when I started collecting ten years ago."

Allison Love says now is a perfect time to sell your gold.

"Gold is at an all time high its $1,729 dollars an ounce it's the highest it's ever been," said Love. "It's a great time to bring it in to see what you can get for it."

Love says not everything in your jewelry box that looks gold is gold.  The best thing to do is to bring it to a reputable jeweler to test it for you.

"Most people have 10 or 14 carat gold so what they have to realize is that gold is either 10 parts or 14 parts gold and the rest of it is other alloys so you have to take that into consideration on what you'll be paid on an ounce of gold," said Love.

Even a little bit of gold could be worth a lot.

"In the time I've been here the price of Gold has gone up about 20 dollars so this one ear ring is worth 35 dollars so imagine how much money you can make if you cleaned out your entire jewelry box."

"I'm hoping to get close to a thousand but I don't know," said Faulkner.

So out of the so called junk jewelry Faulkner is dropping off today see got $1,247.

"Whoo!" said Faulkner. "I guess I'll put this in the bank to save up for a cruise."

Love also says if you're wanting to get rid of all the old jewelry but not wanting to sell it to hold on to see if the price of gold gets higher you can have it all melted down and refined into gold bars.

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