See, Click, Fix: Huge Red Clay Mound


See, Click, Fix is taking you to the "red" planet.

No, not the planet Mars, although you might think you were there based on what we saw.

We know Mars is called the "red" planet because of the color of the surface.

Closer to home, we have the classic red clay of the Carolinas.

We went to the corner of Freedom Drive and Lanewood Place in west Charlotte and found a huge mound of red dirt, apparently the remnant of a utility project along Freedom.

You get this stuff on your clothes and you're going to need an extra bottle of Tide or Cheer or Gain or something to get those stains out.

That could be the case for some folks, whose footprints could clearly be seen.

Since there's no sidewalk along this stretch, folks might have to walk through this stuff to avoid traffic along the road.

And if the mound of dirt isn't enough, there's plenty of mud along the curbing, the obvious result of runoff from recent rains.

It appears the work on the utility project has been completed, so folks are asking See, Click, Fix: when is the dirt going to be removed and the area re-landscaped?

And that's the question we've asked the City of Charlotte as well as the State Department of Transportation.

As soon as we get an answer, we'll be sure to let you know!

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