Pass 3 On: Fostering our future

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) --  It was a sweltering Thursday in University City when Robyn Wilson approached me to see if my sign was the real deal.

A long-time foster parent, Wilson was eager to pay it forward to Chrishawn Caldwell, a former foster child of hers.

"She was a foster child of mine," she said. "She's had some hard knocks in life and is actually with child now. She's just trying to do her best to make it."

Wilson told me Caldwell was special from the beginning.

"She is so resilient," Wilson added. "Chrishawn is one of those teenagers that could possible be an Oprah Winfrey one day."

With such big dreams --Wilson is willing to help the teen in any way she can.

A quick phone call later, we headed to Uptown Charlotte but once there, it took some time to track Caldwell down.

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