See, Click, Fix: Eyesore gets cleaned up

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Our investigation began after receiving this See, Click, Fix post from Kandis. It reads "...Bank of America has been called several time {sic} and they tell me the same thing. Someone will be out their {sic}...well it now has been 3 years. Would you want this beside you? It is nasty!!!!"

Kandis is talking about a house on Lewis Road in Gastonia. Our first visit there was late June when the grass was knee high or higher. The trees and shrubs were overgrown. They were even creeping out through the door cracks and window panes.

Seeing the property was proof enough. We contacted Bank of America after learning the property was foreclosed. After several days of corresponding via email they told WBTV's Christine Nelson: "Thank you for bringing this property to our attention...the property is being secured, and we will continue to provide routine maintenance."

Did they stand by their word???

The property looks a lot different now. You can make out the entire house now that the overgrown grass has been cut.

Before you could barely make out the mailbox in the front because high grass surrounded it. Now that it's cut the mailbox is ready to receive mail now.

Remember how the back of the house looked before...with debris and garbage scattered about? That do has been cut and cleaned up.

Maybe a "For Sale" sign will be added to the landscape next. On the outside, it certainly looks like a better sell...and a problem that's been solved.

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