Man gets Purple Heart 43 years after Vietnam

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - Calvin Newman says sometimes it would escape his mind that he was due a Purple Heart. But after 43 years of waiting, the last few years it just bothered him.

"It shows that you did do something and you got the medals and all to prove it," said Calvin.

It was March of 1968 when he was just a rookie on the combat line, providing fire support. He heard someone yell, "Incoming", but he didn't know what that meant. After a piece of fiery hot shrapnel pierced his neck, he never wondered again.

But he never got his prized box with a Purple Heart inside, until two weeks ago, it showed up in the mail.

Calvin had mentioned something about it at his local V.A. office. Months later his Purple Heart came home.

He's proud of the honor but humbled by the more than 58,000 troops who didn't get to see their Purple Hearts. Those that died in Vietnam had their medals delivered to family members.

Calvin says he's honored to finally get his due.