Tax Free Back To School Shopping

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  This Friday, beginning at the crack of dawn, shoppers will be taking advantage of the tax holiday in both North and South Carolina.   For back to school shoppers like Carol and Andrea Perdomo, the savings will really add up.  "I'm going to be a college freshmen this year, so there will be lots of shopping and packing ahead," Carol told me.  I met Carol while she was helping her younger sister shop for shoes.  A black sneaker with sparkles caught the third grader's attention. 

Shoes and clothing, along with school supplies are covered in the tax free holiday.  North Carolina has restrictions on how much you can spend on each category at any particular store.  South Carolina doesn't have the same kind of limits.

For fifth grader Cameron Parker getting ready for back to school is a mixed bag of emotions. "I'm kind of happy and kind of not, because fourth grade was really hard and fifth will probably be harder," Cameron told me.  He certainly knows him math.  When I pointed out that the state tax will be dropped for the weekend he said, "It's a lot better to pay $16.99 for that shirt and not have to pay extra in taxes, I would buy it next weekend."

Stores are expecting to busy as more people look for ways to save on back to school.  Even big ticket items like computers are covered.  For each state's list of tax free items click the following links below.