Virtual tours help homeowners protect valuables

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We've needed no reminders this year of the power of the weather from deadly tornadoes to lightning storms and high heat.

"People are concerned," said Luiz Pires.

He said he and his brother, who already operate a technology company producing virtual tours of businesses, wanted to take home and valuable protection to the next level.

Their company now provides virtual tours of individual rooms so homeowners can be reminded of every item if they have to report a loss to insurance.

For items of particular value, including jewelry and antiques, detailed photographs are embedded into the tour which can also include text spelling out the value of the item and when and where it was purchased.

"It's all saved on a secure server and in our cloud and it's encrypted so no one can see the information," said Samuel Pires.

Insurance companies and private firms will store photographs that you take yourself on their servers as well.

The service provided by the Pires brothers costs $399 to have the tour made with an annual fee to securely save the information.  You can see exactly how it works by watching the video at the top of this page.

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