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CMPD: Charlotte a 'hub' for black tar heroin

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's a well-known fact that according to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, the community doesn't want to hear: the Queen City is a well-known hub for black tar heroin.

Police officers seized eight pounds of black tar heroin from an apartment near Central Avenue in east Charlotte on Thursday. 

An undercover CMPD vice detective told WBTV, "Charlotte's the hub," he said. "A lot people don't want to believe that but Charlotte's the hub."

The detective, whose name and identity we're concealing wants people to know, "black tar heroin is real. It's in your public schools, it's in your private schools. It's in your communities."

He was part of CMPD's Vice and Narcotics Unit with assistance from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. They seized 3.6 kilograms which is about 36,000 dosage units of heroin.

Police say they had been investigating this location since 2010. Several law enforcement agencies in the region tipped off the CMPD which led to the location of this significant seizure.

The street valued for the drugs is about $500,000. 

Even scarier, is how widely available police say is the cheap and deadly drug is.

"You can buy heroin in just about any neighborhood," the detective told WBTV. "If you knew where to go -- in any neighborhood in Charlotte. I can tell you there's people probably seen heroin deals not knowing what they've seen."

The target demographic: young people aged 17 to 27. All it takes, police say is a car, a cell phone and a little money to burn.

Our kids are being marketed it to," he said. "Like any other product that's out there today. It's being marketed it to them."

It's why he says the community --especially parents -- have to be aware.

"Talk to your kids," he stressed. "Your kids know a whole lot more than you think they know about heroin. If you think your child is not on heroin, you can only say that today because tomorrow your child could get hooked."

And to the drug dealers -- police have strong words for them as well.

"We're coming for ya," he said. "If you're dealing heroin in this city, we're coming for ya."

If you have any information about black tar heroin or other illegal drugs, call the Vice and Narcotics Anonymous Tip Line at 704-336-8423. You can also call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 or go to

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