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Signs your neighbor may be growing pot

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Twice this week in our area authorities say they've found marijuana growing operations inside homes in otherwise normal-looking suburban neighborhoods.

Former UNC Charlotte basketball star and NBA player Rodney White is accused of having a grow operation inside his home on Montibello Drive in Mooresville.  He's also accused of growing pot at his property on Hill River Road in Hiddenite in Alexander County.

Also this week, authorities arrested 38-year old Anthony Miuzzo and charged him with growing pot inside his home on Hollis Avenue in the Colonial Village neighborhood off South Boulevard.  Police say they seized about 45 pounds of pot from the residence.

If you suspect your neighbor is growing pot, authorities say there are some tell-tale signs, some of which were evident at Miuzzo's home.

Pot growers often make sure every curtain is drawn and every blind closed.  A neighbor says Miuzzo's blinds were always drawn.

Growers also often black out windows, and one of Miuzzo's windows appeared to be blacked out.

Another sign is excessive air conditioning.  Miuzzo had a big central air unit in the back as well as two wall units.  That's a lot for a fairly small single family home.

There are some other signs as well, such as a lot of folks coming and going from the home all the time.

For more signs your neighbor could be growing pot, click here to get a list of signs from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. 

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