Keep your cool: Don't let your power get shut off

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - With temperatures soaring, so is the cost of keeping your cool. The bills may end up being too much for many residents to pay, but Duke Energy says you can help keep your own power on.

"The most important thing that we like to remind our customers to do is to contact us. And call sooner rather than later, so that we can understand your situation," said Duke Energy Corporate spokesperson Jason Walls.

Duke officials say there are several different options available to customers struggling to pay their power bill. Some options include working out a payment plan to help get any past due bills current.

Duke Energy says their policy is to not disconnect service if the forecast calls for heat indexes above 105 degrees in 24-48 hours. But those temperatures, according to officials, don't release customers from the obligation of paying their bills.

The best advice according to officials, call and see what options are available.

Duke also has a web site with easy to follow tips you can use to help cut down on your electric bill. Check out for more information.