2 crooks stumble onto weekend delivery of heavy equipment

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Some crooks plan and plot their crimes to the utmost detail.

Others just seem to fall into the lap of Lady Luck-- right place, right time.

Two young men looking for something to steal met opportunity at the James River Equipment office building on Statesville Road at 10:00AM on a Saturday morning. James River deals with heavy equipment like back hoes and skid loaders.

The office was closed for the weekend, but a delivery truck left a large crate on the loading dock.

"You know, it was pure luck," said company comptroller Mickey Brandle, "I think it's a couple guys just driving around, seeing what they could get, saw it sitting in the crate, thought they'd take a chance on whatever it was."

Mickey Brandle found out about the theft when he came to work on Monday. When he checked the surveillance video, he saw two guys taking something that was large and heavy.

"They didn't know what they were getting. Then they struggled to get it in their car and took off."

Inside the crate was a starter for a bulldozer. It weighs about 120 pounds. It's bulky and not something you could easily sell. What could the creepy crooks to with it?

Brandle says, "maybe use it for a fishing weight."

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