Good News: No plans to retire

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Hubert Elliot didn't do what most folks in their mid 60's do. Instead of retiring to the comforts of a fishing pole and endless days off, he applied for a job doing physical labor, and he's been going ever since.

The now 80-year-old man drives a truck for the NCDOT road maintenance division. He helps repair potholes and brine the streets in the winter. But Thursday afternoon he was working out in the brutal heat helping road crews with loads of gravel and rock.

"He has so much knowledge about this area," said a co-worker. Elliot doesn't mind telling you the fastest way to get from one end of Rowan County to the other, "The big highways aren't always the fastest," said Elliot.

He says he'd probably go crazy if forced to retire, so instead he keeps hard at work and says that's what keeps him going. "I figure I owe a good bit of that to the good Lord for keeping me healthy."

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