See, Click, Fix: Why has community pool been closed for years?

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - This is the pool in the Kimmerly Woods community in Charlotte. From the outside it looks like it's ready for cannon balls. But there's a deeper problem lurking below the surface that had one viewer write See, Click, Fix at

The post from Anonymous reads,"It seems that even though I pay HOA fees nothing is being done to get this pool up and running."

That's right. The pool.... is closed. We're told it's only been open a hand full of times in the last several years.

"We pay for it and we can't use," says Sally Sylla. That's the most frustrating part for Sylla. She pays her HOA fees for an amenity her family can't use.

"[The children] love swimming. But every time they go they come back and they're frustrated," Sylla says.

See, Click, Fix started asking lots of questions to get to the bottom of the problem. The homeowner's association president, who didn't want to speak on camera, says the pool is constantly being vandalized.

The HOA also says with the bad economy many of the residents are not paying their HOA dues, so they don't have the money to pay for the necessary repairs and maintenance to the pool. Until then there will be no access to the pool, and no relief from the heat.

"The pool is where I like to relax a lot and it's not open. So it doesn't make my vacation that much fun," says 14-year-old Lakia Gbormittah.

"It's not only the fact we can't use it. But if you have these people that are destroying property then they're capable of hurting somebody," Sylla says.

We also spoke with the company that the community hires to manage the pool, U.S. Aquatics.

They also confirmed the vandalism issues saying the drywall in the bathrooms are damaged, the sink was also ripped out the wall. They even showed up one time to find the pool chairs dumped in the pool.

The company also says the pool right now is also not in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, and repairs are needed to get it up to code.

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