Citco hiring hundreds in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It was a year ago when Governor Bev Perdue promised a three million dollar incentive package to a financial services company called Citco.

She's been accused of acting like she has an open checkbook when it comes to job recruitment. Her critics ask, what if companies don't come through?

But today, Perdue proved taking bets can be worth it, like the one she placed on Citco.

"They looked me in the face and did the boy scout girl scout oath, promising 258 new jobs," Perdue said at a press conference in Charlotte. "This morning, I'm hearing there may even be more than 258 in the pipeline, and those jobs would pay about $80,000 a year. That's good money ya'll. That's good money."

But Perdue admits the bets can make her sweat too.

"Paper tigers I call them. But today," she said, "today is the real big deal."

There is a ton of pressure on politicians right now to turn the economy around.

And the fastest way to please voters...get them working again.

But some governors are being accused of exaggerating their role. The Associated Press says South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley inflated the list of jobs she wants credit for by at least 1,000.

"I think it's much better to be very direct, very honest with the people of any state you represent," Perdue said.

Today, Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx thanked Perdue for all she's done here.

"She's someone who has worked tirelessly to provide opportunities," he said.