See, Click, Fix: I-485 sign to Rock Hill?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - See, Click, Fix is heading out on the highway for the story of a traffic sign that seems oddly out of place to a lot of folks.

Traveling north along I-85, going past Charlotte, getting near the Cabarrus County line.

And just about two miles before you get to the Cabarrus County line, there's a direction sign to Rock Hill!

That's right, Rock Hill, South Carolina, which is actually in the opposite direction.

See, Click, Fix viewers are asking:  why?

They say anyone going to Rock Hill would never be headed north on I-85 towards Cabarrus County.  Instead, they say they'd go SOUTH on I-85, to I-77 south, and then into Rock Hill.

The sign on I-85 north directs you to Rock Hill by using I-485.  But Rock Hill's not located on 485.

Granted, you could take 485 all the way around Charlotte to get to 77 and then to Rock Hill.

But is that the best way?

I checked and here's what I found.  My house is located just off I-85 and I-485.  According to Google maps, if I take the 485 route to Rock Hill, it's 54 miles and more than an hour's drive.

But If I take the I-85 to 77 route, that's just 40 miles.  A 14 mile difference and LESS than an hour's drive.

Which route would YOU take?

Changes, though, are coming.  That I-485 sign to Rock Hill sign is coming down!

The North Carolina Department of Transportation tells me the initial idea for the sign was part of a project to sign for locations that motorists could get to by using I-485 to bypass around Charlotte.

But now the state has decided it makes more sense to sign to destinations you can actually get to on I-485 such as Mint Hill, Matthews and Pineville.  With that in mind, the I-485 sign to Rock Hill will be taken down when the construction project to complete I-485 gets underway, which is expected to start within a year's time.

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