Good News: Community brings Ziggy home

DENVER, NC (WBTV) - When Ziggy's food bowl sat untouched for a whole day, everybody knew something was wrong.

The dog had free roam of several acres around the Gibson family home, confined by an underground electric fence. One day, the fence didn't matter and Ziggy was gone.

The whole family immediately scoured the streets and rural areas in their Denver neighborhood to no avail. Warren Gibson had huge signs made plastered with pictures of the precious dog, and his phone number.

The phone rang off the hook.

So many people called to express concern and tell the Gibson's they had made it their mission to find Ziggy. Six days into the episode, the phone rang with good news.

"My husband was holding the phone ,but I could hear her saying, 'I found your dog! I found your dog!" Leigh Gibson said.

Ziggy was only a half a mile away at a woman's home who just happened to spot the dog wandering down the road.

"He hopped right in her car when she called him," said Leigh Gibson.

Ziggy had a few scrapes, but is otherwise perfectly fine. He does however, have one heck of a story to tell about his six day long adventure. Probably a good thing dogs don't talk.

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