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North Carolina lawmakers consider "Caylee's Law"

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The murders of Caylee Anthony and Zahra Baker have sparked a movement in North Carolina. People are pushing for change to protect children in danger.

A new bill aims to close a loop hole in North Carolina's child abuse law.

"Along with the sadness of the death and the crime and all that, there was the fact there was an issue reporting a missing child in timely manner to the proper authorities," Sponsor of the bill State Representative Kelly Hastings said.

Hastings says this is not a political move. He gives credit to the constituents for letting their opinion be known.

"It's not just Caylee - there's a whole lot of NC kids," Hastings said.

Hickory's Zarah Baker was missing two weeks before her step-mother reported anything.

"I hate any scenario where a child's life is put in danger but it certainly has us moving forward now to implement public policy," Hastings said.

It's unclear when the new bill could be signed into law, but Hastings hopes it happens before next year.

The law could be similar to the recently passed Laura's Law. That law gives harsher penalties to repeat DUI offenders.

Hastings says if there's aggravating circumstances under this new law, the penalties would be tougher as well.

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