Does the Shake Weight work?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Every now and again one of those "as seen on TV" products becomes a phenomenon.  The Snuggie is a good example.

The latest sensation, The Shake Weight, gets quite a bit of attention.  Primarily for the "unusual" way it's used to build arm, shoulder and abdominal muscles.

Sure it gets a laugh but does the Shake Weight actually work?

We asked two Wingate University student athletes to try it out for three weeks to see if it produced any results.

While they worked out, we talked with a professor of exercise science at the University who has checked out the device.

"It would rank low on bringing overall fitness but it does do some good there's no question," said John Acquaviva.

The good, he says, is the repetitive motion which puts some tension on the muscles helping to tone them.  He also believes using it would burn a few calories.

However, he adds, no matter in which position you use the weight, it is always targeting the same muscles.

"You're not getting a full body workout," said Acquaviva.

Our two test subjects used the Shake Weight for it's recommended six minute workout several times a week.

Brittany liked how compact and easy to carry around it was.  She also said you do feel the burn.

"But as far as being tired and breathing heavy after your workout, you don't feel that," she said.

Robert felt the same way.  He said his arms were exhausted after a few minutes using it but he probably won't keep it as a part of his regular workout routine.

"Honestly for me I would rather be in a gym and get a full workout," he said.

The Shake Weight online advertisement says using the weight gets you a better workout, faster, than if you used a regular dumbbell.  We asked our expert and you can hear his answer by clicking on the web-extra video at the top of this page.