Adam Baker wants Elisa to “Get what she deserves”

Zahra Baker
Zahra Baker

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) – Adam Baker said Tuesday he wants "justice for Zahra" and said when his wife goes to trial on a charge of second degree murder in the death of the little girl, he plans to be there to "make sure Elisa gets what she deserves."

Baker made the comments as he left the courthouse in Newton where a criminal hearing on charges he faces that are unrelated to the death of his daughter was delayed until Tuesday morning.

Baker said he thinks about his daughter every day and has visited a memorial that is under construction on Christie Road in Caldwell county where some of Zahra's remains were found.

"I go there all the time," he said.

In an exclusive interview with WBTV News earlier this year, Baker said that he considered Elisa "manipulative and a liar."

He said on Monday that he still is surprised by all the revelations that keep coming out about her.

"I'm surprised all the time," he said.

Adam said the recent indictments of Elisa on drug charges was another case of that. Baker said he knew nothing about the alleged drug deals that federal authorities have charges Elisa with.

He said he knew she was taking prescription pain killers, but never saw anything that indicated she was selling them.

Elisa Baker is to appear in superior court on Thursday where a judge will listen to motions from the defense and prosecution in Baker's second degree murder case.

Among the motions expected to be considered is a request from the defense that the trial be moved because of publicity.

Adam Baker is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning in an administrative hearing where motions will be heard in his cases where he is accused of using another person's name to obtain electricity service.

Baker is also being monitored by federal immigration authorities. He is wearing an ankle monitoring device and has to report to immigration agents in Charlotte once a week.

Baker said he hopes to get the charges and immigration matters settled soon.

All Baker wants to do now, he says, is "Get this all behind me, and take Zahra back to Australia and finally put her to rest."

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