See, Click, Fix: Updates On Eyesore And Beavers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is an update you on a couple of recent stories.  We're getting action.

First, we take you to South Boulevard and Hollis Road in south Charlotte, the site of the old Carousel Club which has been shut down for quite some time.

A See, Click, Fix viewer wrote about the weeds and trash on the site, saying it looked horrible, calling it a dump, and saying it ought to be torn down.

After I took a look, I contacted Charlotte's Code Enforcement Division, and an inspector was sent out.

Sure enough, the city says there are several violations regarding weeds, grass and litter accumulation.

The owner of the property is being contacted and will be expected to make things right or face fines.

In addition, the city says the condition of the building warrants further inspection.

And another story from just a few weeks ago, this one involving this makeshift lake off City Boulevard and I-85 in north Charlotte.

A viewer was concerned about trees dying and that the "lake" had become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Turns out beavers were responsible, damming up Doby creek and turning the area into a wetlands.

But the state tells me the Department of U.S. Wildlife and Resources has since gone in and trapped all the beavers in the area, relocated them, and things should return as they're supposed to be.

I took a look at the "lake" yesterday afternoon and it does appear to be receding.

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