HBO's 'Eastbound and Down' filming season 3 in Myrtle Beach

Kenny is season 2.
Kenny is season 2.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)  - A film crew for the HBO cable network show Eastbound and Down is shooting several scenes in Myrtle Beach this week. The scenes will be a part of the show's next season.

Comedian Will Ferrell is an executive producer on the show, which centers around actor Danny McBride's character Kenny Powers.

Powers is originally from Shelby, NC and started season 1 as a substitute gym teacher after a career flameout as a former major league baseball player. Many of the first and second seasons of the show referenced Shelby and North Carolina.

In the upcoming season, Powers will return to playing the game with the minor league team in Myrtle Beach.

Actor Matthew McConaughey has guest starred on the show, and he is expected to be in Myrtle Beach for the filming also.

Since the scenes in Myrtle Beach are focused on baseball much of the filming will take place inside the Myrtle Beach Pelican's stadium at BB&T Coastal Field.

"It's exciting," commented Pelicans General Manager Scott Brown. "It gives everybody a lift in their step."

Brown said having HBO film a television show at the ballpark is a unique experience.

"I've been working with the production people, and they've been kind of retrofitting the stadium to match their objectives. It's been kind of fun."

Brown has not seen McBride or McConaughey, but he is still thrilled about the production because he expects Myrtle Beach to get lots of exposure in the show's upcoming season.

"This gives Myrtle Beach a platform different than any other platform," Brown said. "It's national and international.

"You can't put a price tag on what it means to be caught in a TV series and have Myrtle Beach be mentioned over and over and over again. It's great for everyone who lives here and works here."

Some scenes will also be shot around town, at the beach, the boardwalk, Family Kingdom and Captain Hook's mini golf on Kings Highway. City spokesperson Mark Kruea said the crew is asking for very little assistance from the city, so Myrtle Beach gets good exposure with very little effort.

"This one wants to work within the existing activity that's going on and not interrupt that as much as possible," Kruea said.

While the publicity is good, Kruea said city leaders are not planning to grow the TV and movie production industry like Wilmington, North Carolina has.

"It doesn't really fit in with our main thrust, which is the beach and all the activities that go along with being an east coast vacation destination," Kruea said.

No matter what may or may not happen with other productions in Myrtle Beach, HBO's Eastbound and Down is planning to be back for more shooting in August.

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