Training For A Safe Fourth of July

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Colin Pinkney will have to fold more than 500 of these bright Orange Shirts before the weekend is over.

The shirts send a signal that someone in authority is watching over our youth's during Center City's Fourth of July festivities.

He is the project manager for Men Who Care Global.

"Our presence is there is to say that we don't want kids in the hands of the police. That's why we're there," Pinkney said." Zero arrests is our expectation."

Trouble at the transit center.

Trouble following Speed Street.

Violence in Center City recently sounded a cry that resulted in this newly formed group to take a stand against rowdy and disruptive public behavior.

The Men Who Care Global initiative was kicked off earlier this week.

A show of unity came from a number of community groups and received the backing of many of the city's elected officials.

Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon is asking that parents act responsibly during the Center City festivities.

"If your child is 15 or younger. He or she must be accompanied by adult, after 11pm," Cannon said.

He'll be wearing one of the Orange shirts along with Councilman James Mitchell.

"You've got political leaders, civic leaders, and we've got the religious community all coming together for one cause and that's to save our men," according to Mitchell.

Colin Pinkney agrees.

He said, "We want to see more men of color involved in serving in the community, volunteering in the schools, all over town. We want to see men giving and being philanthropic."

The first training session for volunteers starts at 10 o'clock  Saturday morning July 2nd, at West Charlotte High.

Anyone interested can get more information by logging on to

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