Duke Energy launches site to help you save

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The same week Duke Energy asked state regulators for a 17 percent rate hike for customers, the power company launches a web site designed to help you save on your energy bill.

The new site plays on the idea of putting you in charge of how much you spend on your energy bill.

Youtility.com was launched without a great deal of fan fare in the last week of June.  The ideas for saving on your energy costs aren't earth shattering, but the presentation is creative and entertaining.

It is certainly a helpful tool, especially if you're trying to get the entire family on board with ways to cut costs and stay cool.

"We wanted to provide situations and information in situations that people can imagine themselves in," said Paige Layne from Duke Energy.

That is exactly what the site does using a 'family' played by local actors who takes us through the simple things we're missing when looking to trim our energy consumption.

As Youtility points out, just closing the blinds or curtains on the side of your home that get the most sun, has the potential of saving 45 percent on the cost to keep your house cool.

Another way to save, think about using your oven less in the summer months.  Not only do our oven use a lot of energy to run, they also heat up the house which means, more money to cool it down.

Remember it is never to early to try and chance expensive habits, and never too early to teach our kids ways to save!

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