Beautiful bird makes home on Mountain Island Lake

MOUNT HOLLY, NC (WBTV) - Dewey Simms e-mailed me and said I should come out to his Mountain Island Lake home and see the Bald Eagles that built a beautiful nest high up on a power line tower behind his home.

I went out and stayed for hours. I got goose bumps watching the beautiful eagle soar around the lake searching for food. I had never seen an eagle in real life before. And I still don't think I have.

Thursday before the story ran, I thought I'd send over a picture of the bird to The Carolina Raptor Center just to make sure the bird I was showing on television was in fact an Eagle. My heart sank as the director of the center said over the phone, "We're positive it's not an Eagle. It's an Osprey."

Then I was faced with quite a pickle. Call Mr. Simms and tell him we can't run the story? He seemed very excited about his eagles being featured. And he was pretty sure they were eagles.

I did what I had to. And the knot in my stomach rode in the car with me all the way back to Mr. Simms house.

The video clearly illustrates what happens next. Eagle or Osprey? Who cares, it all ended with a hug.

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