Is Google's new social site safer than Facebook?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Facebook users upset over privacy concerns now have a new option... Google+ (Plus).

The new social site debuts this week, but is it any safer?

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton talked with WBTV on Thursday about the new Facebook alternative.

Google+ was just released this week and new features will come out each day. One thing Theresa says to be aware of is it makes video chat via the social network scary easy!

It also offers what they call "hangouts," where many friends, or strangers, can join a video chat room from their smart phone or webcams.

Their "friends" section, ala Facebook, is called Circles.

If you want to send a group message, you go into a "Huddle."

Google says they are focused on linking together tight knit groups and not creating a service where you amass huge numbers of friends.

Google+ is still in the testing stage, so for now you can only use it if they invite you or a friend that got an invite sends you an invitation.

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