See, Click, Fix: Confusing Road Signs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Trailblazer Daniel Boone never traveled along I-485 and that may be a good thing.

It's reported Boone once said he was never lost, but did get a might bewildered at times as he was making his way through the wilderness.

You might say that's the case of a See, Click, Fix viewer who has questions about signs along Johnston Road and Rea Road.

Overhead signs on Johnston Road north as you approach I-485 refer to directions as EAST I-485 and WEST I-485.

But once you pass those signs, the next signs for I-485 refer to the directions as NORTH and SOUTH.

If you take a look at a map, it would appear I-485 at Johnston Road actually goes more east and west before going north and south.

And then there's this: signage referring to Pineville as NORTH and Matthews as SOUTH.

But again, looking at the map, Pineville actually looks more WEST, while Matthews looks EAST.

And if you really compare their locations on a map, Pineville appears to be more south than Matthews.


Yes.  But the North Carolina Department of Transportation got back to me quickly after I sent a message asking for information.

The east/west signs for I-485 are actually wrong according to the DOT, and are going to be switched out under an upcoming widening project that will be let early next year.

And regarding the north and south directions:  DOT says since I-485 is (going to be) a complete loop, it was becoming extremely confusing to sign it north, south, east, and west.

So DOT decided to just make it north and south as it is an alternative to I-85 which is a north/south route.

DOT decided that the north/south designations would change at due north and south on the loop.

In the north, that change occurs between the Prosperity Church and I-77/NC 115 interchanges.

In the south, that change occurs between the NC 16 (Providence Road) and Rea Road interchanges.

So, DOT says coming from Johnston Road, when you get on I-485 heading toward Matthews, you initially are still going south.  When you are heading to Pineville on I-485, you are immediately heading north.

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