See, Click, Fix: Burned House Becomes Neighborhood Eyesore

Mint Hill, NC (WBTV) - The house in question is on Pine Lake Lane in Mint Hill. The four brick walls are holding up the outside, but inside was burned by fire. The windows are boarded up and blue tarp is covering more fire damage.

Problem is the house has barely been touched since the fire happened in 2009!

"The last year and a half has been extremely frustrating," says Pat Heffernan. Heffernan lives directly next door and calls the house a health hazard. "It's been raining... and snowing in (the house). In a year and a half, go back over the weather Charlotte has experienced in a year and a half. And you tell me who might be in there. I'm afraid to find out."

Heffernan and his neighbors keep running into roadblocks to get the homeowner to either fix the place up or level it. So See, Click, Fix is stepping in to get some answers.

WBTV's Christine Nelson called her contacts with Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement. And found out some promising information:

In the last week and a half they have spoken personally with the homeowner who told them, he plans on cleaning out the remaining items in his basement and will then demolish the house.

Both parties agreed on a 2-3 week time frame to get it done. A resolution that's long overdue, especially to those who pass this eyesore everyday.

"We expect that when there is a problem that something will be done about it. And this has dragged on far too long," says Heffernan.

When Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement inspected the house just last month it was deemed "deteriorated". It was just shy of being considered "dilapidated" where the county would come in and demolish it themselves.

We'll continue to stay on top of this issue until everyone follows through on a resolution.

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